Go All The Way

“In tribute to Charles Bukowski, it is by being in the extreme North of the planet that his words inspired us …”

Go All The Way, An inspiring narrative film illustrated by Florian Cioffi and David Guersan and shot during the documentary “White Dream”.

In immersion with Thibaut Branquart, French Musher and his eight huskies. Day and night they follow Thibault Branquart in a great sled dog race for a week. Four hundred kilometers of frozen track to go to the heart of the Norwegian winter, by -35 ° C.

This video retraces the highlights of this cold journey while paying tribute to the poem “Go All The Way” by Charle Bukowsky.

“It was while being in the far north of the planet that his words inspired us.”

Filmmaker : Florian Cioffi et David Guersan

Text : Charles Bukowski

Voice : Tom O’Bedlam

Music : We by Fjodor (Us) / Artlist Licence

Producer : Wild Horses

Starring : Thibaut Branquart / Team 66 Nord

Thanks to : Visit Norway – La Norvège

All rights reserved © - Florian Cioffi 2023