Inspirational video of an unexpected trip to the United States …
Florian Cioffi has created a one-of-a-kind video, taking the risk of being totally honest with himself. As an artist and as a man.

Despite his broken English, Florian felt he had to record the voiceover himself, because the trip was his. He had to own it.

Like a polaroid series, Florian shares a series of moments he lived in the United States.
The video includes appearances from people from the Yucca Valley area, as well as Florian’s younger brother, Alexis.
The Yucca Valley Film Festival will present FEELINGS by Florian Cioffi as a WORLD PREMIERE.
It will win the best prize in its category “Best Visual art award” at the Yucca Valley Film Festival.

Filmmaker : Florian Cioffi

Text : Hopper/Stranger Things

Voice : Florian Cioffi

Musique : Deep – Peter Sandberg

Producer : Wild Horses

Starring : Alexis Cioffi – Florian Cioffi

Thanks to : Yucca Valley Festival.

All rights reserved © - Florian Cioffi 2023